Assessment Skills for Paramedics

Blaber & Harris (2011)

This book is the ideal resource for paramedics and student paramedics looking for a quick reference guide to help develop their assessment skills.

Divided into body systems, the book takes the reader through the considerations and actions required for each type of emergency presentation. The book also:

  • Takes a systematic format of assessment which mirrors current UK and International practice
  • Assists student paramedics in identifying ‘time critical’ problems and appropriate ‘possible actions to be taken’
  • Includes specific chapters in the specialist fields of paediatric assessment and neonatal assessment and care
  • Considers the social, ethical and legal factors that might impact on care
  • Uses mnemonics, cases, diagrams and photographs to demonstrate and reinforce key points

Written by experienced paramedics, specialist health care professionals and doctors, this book will enhance knowledge and encourage accurate, timely and thorough assessment of patients across the lifespan.