Leadership for Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Bishop (2009)

It is time to take stock, to promote and support our articulate and strategic thinkers, and to let them shine! This inspiring book is a wake-up call to nurses and allied health professionals to develop their leadership skills and to make a real difference to global health and social development. Veronica Bishop uses high profile historical case studies to illustrate the concept of leadership and put it into a context that is easily understood. The book demystifies the key elements of leadership, highlights the difference between leadership and management and identifies the essential components for successful leadership amongst health care professionals. The book incorporates: a new research-based theory of leadership that embraces clinical excellence; educational and practice based concepts to support key leadership skills; case examples of real experiences; and, exercises for developing your own leadership skills at the end of each chapter. Contributions from experts from a wide range of countries and with diverse knowledge bases make a topic that is often presented as highly complex and ‘out of reach’ readily accessible.