Paramedics! Test Yourself in Anatomy & Physiology

Warner, Willis, Rogers & Scott (2011)

Test yourself in Anatomy and Physiology is the essential self-test resource to help paramedics revise and excel in their anatomy and physiology modules and exams. Crammed full of over 400 questions, this unique book also includes fully explained answers and explanations to help consolidate learning as you test yourself using: Anatomy artwork Multiple choice questions True or false questions Fill in the blank questions Labelling exercises An extensive glossary explains all the key terms Each main body system has its own chapter, so you can get in depth practice for your exams. Body systems covered include:

Integumentary system; nervous system and special senses; cardiovascular system; digestive system; immune and lymphatic systems; musculoskeletal system; endocrine system; respiratory system; urinary system; reproductive systems.